About Us

Rudy and Princess 1ReHomeYourPets.com was created to encourage and empower people everywhere to re-home pets responsibly. The mission of the website is to help prevent pets from ending up, through no fault of their own, in a situation where they would be abused or neglected — or in a kill-shelter, where chances are very high that they would be euthanized. Humane societies and rescue organizations are only able to help as many pets as space allows, so a way to slow down the flow of animals who are in the pipelines leading to shelters and rescue groups is needed.

Realizing that it is impossible to help everyone who asks for assistance, and that it is difficult to help effectively via telephone calls or emails, inspiration led us to create a website to educate and guide people through the re-homing process. At the same time, the Adoptable Pets page connects pet owners and Good Samaritans with families who are interested in adopting a pet.

Pets must count on their guardians to provide them with the best home possible… whether that is in their current home or with another family. We all lead very busy lives, and taking the time to find a good home for a pet isn’t always quick or easy. However, the tips and tools on this website should help to make the process easier – and you may rest better at night, knowing that you did the very best you could to provide your pet with a loving and safe home.

Thank you for visiting ReHomeYourPets.com!