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November 27, 2021

Pet’s Information

Pet’s Name: DOBBY



  • A few weeks of current food (can be continued or used to transition to a new diet)
  • Any favorite toys, bedding, etc.
  • All Vaccination Paperwork / Vet Records


Meet Dobby!

Buttery soft fur, hazel almond shaped eyes, an athletic build, & spotted markings all combine to give Dobby characteristics of the Egyptian Mau.

He loves the companionship of his littermates & our adult cats alike. Following the lead of his pals when investigating new toys/people/spaces; and loves to play chase, wrestle & swat around a ball.

While he plays heartily with other cats, he is incredibly docile with humans. When picked up & cuddled by a trusted family member, he turns to jello, melting into your arms while purring affectionately. He'll also roll onto his back for belly/chin scratches & even tolerates paw massages!

Dobby is a co-dependent sleeper. Snuggling up to a warm body (human or feline) is a must!

Tips, unique characteristics or distinctive behaviors:

  • Would do well in a home with another cat that is comfortable around other felines.
  • Will do exceptionally well if adopted as a bonded pair with his sister 'Sweetie'.


  • Purina Naturals ‘Indoor’ formula
    • Low-average cost hard food found at most grocery stores & all pet stores.
    • Tip: Will eat Purina Naturals ‘Original’ formula, but with less enthusiasm.
  • Hard food is supplemented with a few tablespoons of 9Lives Patte (wet food) to add some extra protein into his/her diet.
    • Large 13oz cans available for purchase at Dollar Tree; 5.5oz cans can be found at any grocery or pet store.

Breed: American Shorthair

Gender: Male

Date of Birth: August 4, 2021

Color/Markings: Gray & White

Weight: 6lbs.

Size: Small

Re-Home Fee: $55

Reason for re-homing:

Rescued kitten; mother was a stray community cat.

Spayed or Neutered: Yes

Microchipped: No

Current on Vaccines: Yes

House-trained: Yes

Crate-trained: No

Litterbox-trained: Yes

Pet Friendly: Yes

Child Friendly: Unsure

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