Kobi – Fayetteville, NC


Owner’s Information

Owner’s Name:

sophia sevillano

Contact Info:

[email protected]


Fayetteville, NC

Posted on:

June 1, 2024

Pet’s Information

Pet’s Name: Kobi


Kobi is a very energetic yet loving dog. She was adopted from another family when she was a puppy and was given to ours as a gift. Kobi is updated with all of her vaccines and has had no medical conditions in the past. She is three years old and quite hyper. She loves attention! Ideally, her new owner would be someone who can dedicate a lot of attention to Kobi. She is house trained and therefore has no problem being alone however she is at her best when surrounded by people who love her. Unfortunately, she is a little skittish when it comes to cutting her nails and is has been a little difficult in the past to do so. However, frequent walks have helped with this problem as the gravel naturally files her nails.

Breed: boxer labrador mix

Gender: Female

Date of Birth: November 26, 2020

Color/Markings: black

Weight: 62lbs.

Size: Large

Re-Home Fee: $80

Reason for re-homing:

Unfortunately, our family have to move out of the country due to unforeseen circumstances.

Spayed or Neutered: Yes

Microchipped: No

Current on Vaccines: Yes

House-trained: Yes

Crate-trained: No

Litterbox-trained: Yes

Pet Friendly: Yes

Child Friendly: Unsure

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