Kobi – Mableton, GA


Owner’s Information

Owner’s Name:

Connie Betts

Contact Info:

[email protected]


Mableton, GA

Posted on:

April 10, 2023

Pet’s Information

Pet’s Name: Kobi


Kobi is a great companion and a very sweet girl. She has tons of energy and loves to go for walks, run around the house and explore the woods behind our home. My husband and I have demanding jobs and we're not able to give her the love and attention she craves and deserves. She's very friendly with other dogs (never been around cats or small kids). She's always lived indoor and loves her massive bed, she sleeps in her crate and looks forward to her chewy calms every night before bed.
She loves to be loved on and she loves to please. She's super smart and after going through 6+ weeks of formal training, she obeys numerous commands (sit, stay, place, focus, bed, crate, back up, paw/shake). She's absolutely lovely but the demands of our jobs and the traveling required results in little attention and lots of boarding. She deserves better

Breed: Bordoodle (Border Collie + Poodle mix)

Gender: Female

Date of Birth: May 22, 2021

Color/Markings: all black with white stripe down chest

Weight: 39lbs.

Size: Medium

Re-Home Fee: $700

Reason for re-homing:

Sweet and loving dog who needs much more attention and love than I can give her. My husband and I travel with our jobs and poor Kobi suffers from lack of attention she really craves.

Spayed or Neutered: Yes

Microchipped: Yes

Current on Vaccines: Yes

House-trained: Yes

Crate-trained: Yes

Litterbox-trained: No

Pet Friendly: Yes

Child Friendly: Yes

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