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Costa mesa, CA

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May 2, 2023

Pet’s Information

Pet’s Name: Trooper


We have had Trooper since he was 8 weeks old. He is GREAT with people, and loves his humans. You can usually find him sitting by your feet, or on your lap if allowed up. He knows sit, stay/wait, come, up, off, leave it, eat, and heel. He walks very well on a leash without pulling, and is potty trained and crate trained. He will go on walks and runs with you, and just wants to make his humans happy. Trooper loves chasing butterflies, eating ice cubes, and sleeping upside down.

Breed: Australian Cattle Dog

Gender: Male

Date of Birth: November 7, 2021

Color/Markings: Red

Weight: 45lbs.

Size: Medium

Re-Home Fee: $100

Reason for re-homing:

Trooper does not do well with other dogs which is our reason for rehoming him (we have another dog at home that he has bitten). We have worked with many dog trainers that say he has anxious aggression toward other dogs, and despite MUCH training, he is still unable to be off leash unsupervised with other dogs. He can be in public places and around other dogs, but he cannot be in close proximity or off leash with them.

Spayed or Neutered: Yes

Microchipped: Yes

Current on Vaccines: Yes

House-trained: Yes

Crate-trained: Yes

Litterbox-trained: No

Pet Friendly: No

Child Friendly: Unsure

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