Welcome to ReHomeYourPets.com! Our site is designed to help you responsibly rehome your pet or a homeless pet you have rescued.

People have to rehome pets for lots of reasons.  The hard economic times we now face have forced many families to make the difficult decision to rehome their pet.  Maybe a family member has developed allergies to the pet, or perhaps relocation is preventing you from taking your pet with you.  For Good Samaritans, the increasing homeless pet population has made rehoming a pet in need all too common, and having found a homeless pet, you may be wondering how to find it a loving forever home. We are here to help you rehome your pet responsibly.  We know that whatever the reason, it can be very painful to say goodbye to a pet. This is why you want to do everything you can to place your pet in the best home possible.  No one knows your pet better than you do, and when the time comes for you to say goodbye, you will know that you did the best for your pet.

The first thing we suggest is to seek the help of a reputable rescue or breed-specific rescue organization. Start by doing an internet search for organizations in your area, or your veterinarian may be able to suggest local rescues.  If a rescue organization is willing to take your pet, you will want to ask them for the name and contact information of the veterinarian they use, so you can call for a reference to be sure it is a reputable group.

If you find that the rescue organizations you contact are full and cannot accept your pet, then you may have to rehome the pet yourself.  We can help guide you through the process of rehoming your pet responsibly.  Sample Forms are on our site that will help you with questions to ask an applicant, as well as what you should have in writing when you are adopting your pet to a new family. To help you reach more prospective adopters, rehomeyourpets.com also offers an Adoptable Pets page for posting your pet’s photos and information.

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