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ReHomeYourPets was created to encourage and empower people everywhere to ReHome pets responsibly.


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This is a service offers Good Samaritans and pet owners to help them re-home their pets. The pets on this website are not under the care of and therefore we cannot offer any information regarding the pets. Prospective adopters must contact the owner or Good Samaritan listed on the pet’s profile page for further information.

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ReHomeYourPets was created to encourage and empower people worldwide to ReHome pets responsibly. Our mission is to help prevent pets from ending up, through no fault of their own, in a situation where they would be abused or neglected — or in a kill shelter, where chances are very high that they would be euthanized. Humane societies and rescue organizations can only help as many pets as space allows, so a way to slow down the flow of animals in the pipelines leading to shelters and rescue groups is needed.

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