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Toxoplasmosis is a protozoa that infects almost all mammals, but felines are the primary host viagra en ligne quebec.  Healthy cats with a positive antibody titer pose little risk to humans.  People often hear that they can get toxoplasmosis from their cat but there are other, more common ways, as well.  They can get it…

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Reverse Sneeze Complex

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We occasionally have owners present to the clinic with their dogs who display a problem where the dog periodically sucks air in hard and noisily backwards through the nose.  This is called a reverse sneeze. It is usually an issue in brachiocephalic (short nosed) breeds but can affect any breed.   While it can be quite…

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Vaccination Protocol

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Vaccination protocols are a common pet owner inquiry. Vaccination schedules can vary from veterinary clinic to clinic and from pet to pet. Some of the variability is based on the age of the dog or cat in addition to the prevalence of certain diseases in an area. Puppies and kittens have immature immune systems and…

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