Check out our new face lift and user-friendly upgrades!

If you are a regular visitor to, you may see some improvements which have recently been made to the website…and we are thrilled about these upgrades! now has a fresher look, as well as a more user-friendly platform for posting a pet on the Adoptable Pets page.  Pets no longer have to wait to be published by a site administrator.  You are now able to post a pet yourself, after which your pet goes “live” immediately after being submitted.

We have also made some changes behind the scenes. These changes allow the site to function faster, so there is not as much lag or wait time to load a page.  Also, pets are automatically archived after 90 days. This helps to remove older listings, preventing site-users from searching through pets that may no longer be available.  You also have the ability to easily renew your pet’s listing, if needed.

Also, we are happy to let you know that the form which you would complete in order to post a pet, now has helpful new minimum re-home fee guidelines, although, based on your own individual pet, a higher re-home fee may be appropriate.

Getting your pet’s information “out there” is vital — and now, after you post your pet on our Adoptable Pets page, he or she will automatically showcase on our social media platforms — Facebook and Twitter.  On each pet’s personal page, you will find social media sharing buttons which will make it very easy for your friends and family to help you get out the word about your pet as well!

And finally, we also have provided a place where you can help support  Click here if you would like to help us keep this resource available to the pets and their families who need it.

We hope you find these upgrades helpful.  Email us and let us know what you think.  We would love to hear from you!