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Pets are very often abandoned or surrendered to a shelter due to one or more medical or behavioral problems. These pets are then often passed from one owner to another, never ending up in their forever home. Most of the time they do not make good candidates for adoption because of their problems. Seeking help from a qualified trainer or your pet’s veterinarian should be the first option.


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If you really want to keep your pet but feel you need to re-home him due to a medical or behavioral problem, you may want to e-mail one of the expert veterinarians or the trainer below for advice. Click on the button below to submit your question, and we’ll get an answer for you as soon as possible.  We recommend that pet owners contact their own veterinarian immediately if an urgent problem or concern arises.

ReHomeYourPets is an educational online resource only. The “Ask a Vet or Trainer” service, like the rest of this site, is an educational tool as well and is NOT meant to be a substitute for advice from your own veterinarian or pet trainer. All content is for informational purposes only.

If you find in the end that you just can’t keep your pet any longer, then be sure to disclose any medical or behavioral problem to a potential adopter to determine whether or not they are up to the challenge.

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