Posting Your Pet

Before posting your pet, it’s important that you thoroughly familiarize yourself with Step 1 of the Re-Homing Tips.  There you will find more information about the following three things you’ll need to do:


After you have submitted your pet’s information and photo(s), and as soon as they are approved, we will send you an email, letting you know that your pet’s listing has been posted on the website.

Also, when your pet has been successfully re-homed, please remember to log in to your account on your pet’s profile and at the bottom of his/her profile, change the status by clicking “Re-Homed” instead of “Available.”  Then click “Update.”  When you’ve made this change, your pet’s information will be automatically transferred to our Re-Homed Pets page. was created as a free service to help pet owners and Good Samaritans re-home their adoptable pets responsibly. If the pet’s page appears to support the breeding of animals or selling animals for profit, it will not be posted.

The pets on this website are not under the care of, and therefore we cannot offer any information to prospective adopters regarding your pet. They must contact you directly for further information.

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