What you need to know about “pet flippers!”

If you’re trying to find a good home for a pet you can no longer keep, then you owe it to yourself — and to your pet — to read this post! We will focus on dogs here, but “flippers” do this with other types of pets as well. Dog “flippers” scan posted flyers, the internet, newspapers, social media, etc., looking for dogs that they can get for not much money, such as those listed as “free to a good home” or who have very low re-home fees. They will then “flip” dogs for a profit — with absolutely no consideration for the quality of the home or family who will then own your dog.

One deterrent to this practice of flipping is to spay/neuter your dog, because flippers sometimes sell dogs to people who want them strictly for breeding purposes. Having your dog spayed or neutered will help ensure that he/she will not be used in this way. Micro-chipping your dog may be another deterrent to flippers. People who want dogs for unwholesome purposes may be less apt to try to flip a dog if they know he/she is micro-chipped.

When re-homing any pet, please keep in mind that if someone can’t afford to pay you an appropriate re-home fee, then they may not be able to afford the basics for your pet, such as a veterinary care, grooming care, quality food, plus all the other things that will keep the pet healthy and happy. When deciding on a re-home fee, you can check with your local animal shelter, rescue groups, or breed-specific rescues. If you can find out what their adoption fee would be for a pet like yours, then your re-home fee should ideally be at least equal to their adoption fee.

For your pet’s welfare, and for your own peace of mind, it is extremely important that you be as thorough as possible in checking out a prospective adopter! To learn more about re-homing a pet responsibly, please visit our page on Re-Homing Tips!

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