Bentley and Charlie – Tampa, FL


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[email protected]


Tampa, FL

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August 2, 2023

Pet’s Information

Pet’s Name: Bentley and Charlie


Bentley and Charlie were found on the side of the road by a coworker. They were taken to the groomers due to them being extremely matted. they were also scanned for a microchip where none was found. we took them in to hopefully find them a home so they wouldn’t have to go to a shelter. Bentley is the smaller one on the right. he is always trying to prove his dominance and will growl sometimes if he doesn’t like something. Charlie is a little bigger than him and he is the nicer one. Charlie seems to have an anal issue and some bad teeth. They both have potty issues mostly Bentley. They will pee in the house constantly trying to pee where the other peed, most likely a territorial thing. They get along with all our female dogs but with our male they will growl. they are a little scared of our cats but with time i think they will get used to it.

Breed: poodle mix

Gender: Male

Date of Birth: October 17, 2019

Color/Markings: white

Weight: 15lbs.

Size: Small

Re-Home Fee: $60

Reason for re-homing:

they were found and were looking for a home for them so they don't have to go to the shelter

Spayed or Neutered: No

Microchipped: No

Current on Vaccines: No

House-trained: No

Crate-trained: Yes

Litterbox-trained: No

Pet Friendly: Yes

Child Friendly: Yes

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