Ginger – Magna, UT


Owner’s Information

Owner’s Name:

Randy Schwitters

Contact Info:

[email protected]


Magna, UT

Posted on:

July 24, 2023

Pet’s Information

Pet’s Name: Ginger


Ginger has been a great dog. She is family. She was my mother's dog until she passed away about 6 years ago. She was a great companion for her. She has been with my other dog Buddy (Black lab) and our cat for the last 6 years. She does very well around children. If things ever get too much for her. She will go find a quiet place and lay down. Once she gets to know you, she is very loyal. A good best friend and or companion. She will do well on her own without other animals or fine with another dog once she gets to know them. As I said before. She has been with my other dog for the last 6 years. She just needs and good home and someone to love and care for her. Sometimes she will pick and choose when she wants to eat. If she does not eat right away or skips a meal or two. Do not worry. She always eats when she is ready. She would do well with a single person, widow or widower.

Breed: Jindo

Gender: Female

Date of Birth: September 7, 2013

Color/Markings: Fawn

Weight: 60lbs.

Size: Medium

Re-Home Fee: $75.00

Reason for re-homing:

Moved to Brazil

Spayed or Neutered: Yes

Microchipped: Yes

Current on Vaccines: No

House-trained: Yes

Crate-trained: Yes

Litterbox-trained: No

Pet Friendly: Yes

Child Friendly: Yes

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