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Houston, TX

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June 29, 2023

Pet’s Information

Pet’s Name: Uma


My husbands co worker found a litter of kittens from a stray mother which is where we adopted Uma; she was only about 6 weeks old. Uma is a very sweet, friendly girl. She loves to play with any kind of pet toy you can find, loves to be brushed and loves interactive cat videos. Uma is in her element when she is outdoors in nature, so if you have a backyard or patio she can play in that would be perfect. She is the type of cat that wants to be your best friend and get all the love and attention you can possibly give her. To her too many pets and cuddles is never a thing. My husband and I have other cats that are all pretty hostile toward each other who she really struggles to get along with. Unfortunately our environment stresses her out. She will often go off on her own and exclude herself from the pack which then leads her to become depressed. We hate seeing her like this because she really is just the sweetest girl and deserves to be in a loving home. We both think she would thrive the best in a home where there are no other animals or if there is another animal they would have to be very kind and gentle towards her because she is a very sensitive girl. She has had no health problems since we have gotten her, she has always been an extremely active cat at a very healthy weight.

Breed: Manx

Gender: Female

Date of Birth: March 21, 2019

Color/Markings: White with orange and grey spots

Weight: 10lbs.

Size: Medium

Re-Home Fee: $50.00

Reason for re-homing:

We think she would thrive better in a different environment.

Spayed or Neutered: Yes

Microchipped: No

Current on Vaccines: Yes

House-trained: Yes

Crate-trained: Yes

Litterbox-trained: Yes

Pet Friendly: No

Child Friendly: Unsure

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